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Reference of Love & Care • This letter of reference is for Kim at Paws On Pet Sitting. At our house, our four paw children are as follows; Herschel Walker (Aussie canine 7 years) and the feline-kitties Prissa 17 years, Tigger 12 years, Sassa Frass (Monkey Girl 7 years), and Miss Newman (1 year old). Paws On Pet Sitting was referred to us by a neighbor that loves their four paw children like we do, so we had Kim take care of the kitties about ten years ago and all went very well with lots of love and care. I called Kim to see if she was still providing Pet sitting services and she to my delight was still in business ten years later and going strong offering love and care. My husband and I talked about the awesome experience we had before so we thought this anniversary to also request that Kim care for Herschel Walker who can be shy to strangers and Kim agreed to come by before our vacation to put my mind at ease to take Herschel for a walk and potty, Kim spent about 20 minutes taking to Herschel while Tigger watched and all went well. We had our anniversary cruise with no worries about our four paw children, our home, all went very well, we just love the daily notes that Kim updates us on the day and detailed daily check list notes of four paws. Also Kim took out our garbage, took in the daily paper, and gave us peace of mind to enjoy our anniversary vacation. We have scheduled for Paws on Pet Sitting with Kim for already for our future vacations. Thank you so much for all the love and care offered to our four paws. Sincerely, Jon & Mellissa K.
Jon & Melissa K.
We are delighted with Kim's service. When we get home from vacation, we know our pets will be fine. We truly appreciate how much time Kim spends with each of our pets. Her daily dairies are always so much fun to read when we get home! Also, we had been using another service but when one of our cats came down with diabetes, this former service had no interest in giving shots. Fortunately we found Kim, who not only has no problem whatsoever with medical issues, but we know she spends more time on each visit and she also cleans the pet food areas, another plus. We'd be lost without Kim and Paws On Pet Sitting. Barbara and Cliff O.
Barbara and Cliff O.
Our experience with Kim's pet-sitting services: We have two rescue bullmastiffs that are our children as much as our 20-month old daughter. Our male (Bufford) is old and has been diagnosed with cancer (Lymph sarcoma). Our female (Sylvia) is young, energetic, and so much in need of affection. We went overseas to Europe for 2 weeks last summer, and used Kim's services for the first time; she was recommended to us by a friend, who has known Kim for some time. We could not have been more pleased with her services. Everyday she emailed us with an update on our four-legged children; she also left a written note after each visit (3 times a day in our case) describing how our dogs were doing, their moods, and anything pertinent about the house. Furthermore, during that vacation, Hurricane Frances hit Florida; not only did Kim make sure our pets were safe, but she took it upon herself to bring the outside furniture in, and secure our outside plants. Once the Hurricane left, she also made sure, although the weather was still bad and a curfew was in effect, that Sylvia and Bufford were OK, and that our house was still standing. This is such a relief to know her, as we can now leave our home for trips, without worrying about Bufford and Sylvia. We know they are in special hands with Kim, and we know that they will be well-taken care of and loved. We also want to add that Kim's professionalism is exceptional; she does what she says, is a true animal lover, and can be trusted 100%. For Easter we went on a short trip to the beach for 3 days. Bufford had not been feeling too well. After the third visit in our home, Kim did not think Bufford was doing well; she immediately called us. we came home that day. We knew that Kim would contact us immediately if something was wrong with Bufford or Sylvia. We would have never contemplated going if Kim had not been available to pet-sit for us. We would recommend Kim's services to any pet owner who is looking for a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, animal lover pet-sitter. We can now go on vacation without worrying about how our dogs are doing....just missing them.
Catherine V.
Kim is the most reliable pet sitter we have ever used for the past 10 years. Not only does she really care for the animals by taking care of their physical needs, she also makes sure they receive plenty of love and spends real time with them when visiting. She also keeps a diary of each visit, explaining what she did at each visit, and how our four-legged "children" behaved. She also makes sure that everything is OK with the house; our "children" are sometimes naughty and get into things, Kim always cleans up after them. We really know we can always count on her for caring for our pets and home. She even made sure that our outdoors furniture was secure during hurricane Frances while we were out of town....way beyond the call of duty.... We would recommend her to anyone who really wants his/her pet(s) to be well taken care of and loved.
Tony V.
I helped Kim put together her LinkedIn Profile. I then experienced, first hand, her routine. My wife and I went away for Thanksgiving and we entrusted our 3 dogs to Kim's care. Not only did Kim send us a picture of the dogs, she also wrote a detailed report as to all that went on during her visit to our house. Kim's personality, along with her love for animals gives her the perfect combination of passion and duty. Her report was thorough, detailed, and very informative. We intend to have Kim visit with us again, and again. We highly recommend that if you want to get away....want to have someone of the highest quality care for your pets, contact Kim. Don't Forget, she can be reached at 407-786-PAWS (7297). To us, she's a 5 Star Professional.
Howie A.
Kim is a wonderful pet sitter. We rescued a dog that had been badly abused. As a result the dog had serious trust issues. Kim volunteered to come over on her own to get to know Pandora and Pandora built trust with her before we took a trip. Pandora loves to see her now, especially when Kim rubs her belly.
Ana V.
Anyone looking for a pet sitter in the Orlando area needs to contact Kim at Paws on Pets. She has provided me with her excellent service for the last 8 years. She looks after my pets and looks after my home for any problems. Her detailed reports give you an accurate feel for how your pets are behaving! Thanks Kim for your great service!
Jeff W.
Kim Fancher's company PAWS ON PET SITTING is the best! I have been utilizing her dog sitting services for over 10 years and continuously recommend her company and her to all that I know in need of pet sitting services. She is responsible, caring, great with my dogs, and is a true professional. She makes it easier for me to do what I need to do knowing that my dogs are safe and happy.
Brigitte B
Kim Fancher at Paws On Pet Service has been taking care of my dogs for over 10 years. I first started using Kim when my dogs got older and they needed a walk mid day. Since then I have used Kim's service for all of my dogs and cats Monday through Friday and when I am on vacation. She loves animals and has a real concern for their well being. I would strongly recommend Kim and Paws On Pet Sitting to any one with a pet.
Jennifer G.