Paws On Longwood Florida Pet Sitting Furry

10 Tips For A Happier Vacation

  1. Please tell the neighbors that I am going to be coming each day to take care of your pets. I drive a Silver Honda CRV. Please tell gate security too, if applicable.

  2. Leave a radio playing on a mild station with soft music. Your pet will enjoy the music and it has a soothing effect. If your pet watches television, putting the television on a timer is helpful.

  3. Leave a light on in the house for your pet. An above-the-stove light in the kitchen is a good choice. If you wish, we can vary the lighting each evening, so it will appear someone is always home. (Please remember to leave a light on for your sitter’s first visit, too.)

  4. Please put out an extra water bowl so your pet never runs out of water. I will keep them both full.

  5. If you’re going to be gone for more than two days, please don’t forget to unplug the electric coffee pot, as it can steam itself dry.

  6. Leave a phone number and name by the telephone of someone to call in the unlikely event of an emergency. Keep these emergency contacts updated with your sitter.

  7. Please set out any special medication your pet may need along with instructions for administration and note any changes in diet, etc.

  8. Make certain the things your pet gets into (that you don’t like) are secured, put away, and out of reach. Some good examples are, wastepaper baskets, dirty clothes hampers, etc.

  9. Make certain all doors and windows are locked and the security alarm is set (if applicable).

  10. Shut the doors to any rooms you don’t want your pets to enter. We will make certain these stay shut.