Paws On offers professional pet care in your home, and peace of mind when you roam, since 2004. Your pets are our passion.



Paws On Longwood Pet Sitting is a one-woman team, Kim Fancher. We will never have anyone else in your home.



Kim Fancher is a certified professional pet sitter, licensed & insured, background checked, a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), pet first aid & CPR certified, insulin injection trained, subcutaneous fluids trained, and you pet’s new best friend.



Kim has cared for all types of pets, starting at a young age, for over 40 years. She’s homed birds, dogs, cats, amphibians, fresh & saltwater fish, rodents (hamsters/gerbils), rabbits, and various reptiles. From years of experience, she’s learned the thing pets respond best to: love and affection.



Kim guarantees reliability, and tailored, professional, service. 

Kim Fancher Paws On Longwood Pet Sitting
Kim Fancher, Paws On Longwood Pet Sitting

At Paws On Longwood Pet Sitting, we believe your pet is so much more comfortable, serene, and happy in the comfort of your own home.

We’re here to help. We offer peace of mind while you are away. Your pet will enjoy staying home during your travels, knowing that someone who loves animals is going to come over to play each day. We’ll even bring in the paper, the mail, water the plants, check the lights, and make certain your pet is happy, fed, and secure each day you are away.


We take photos and provide a written report on the activities of your pets every time.


Check out the 10 Tips for a Happier Vacation we prepared for you to read before you leave.


Please tell your friends about my service. We care!


Our number is (407) 788-PAWS (7297) and our email is kim@longwoodpetsitting.com


Paws On Pet Sitting proudly supports these Orlando Dog Friendly Businesses: Lizzy McCormack’s Irish Bar & Hurricane Grill & Wings Apopka.


Please visit our In Loving Memory Of page.


Advantages for your pet:

  • Reduced Stress: Your pet remains in a secure, comfortable environment: all the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar.
  • Normal Routine: Customary diet and exercise routine.
  • Less Health Risk: Minimal exposure to illnesses and other animals.
  • Personal Attention: Most important, love, personal attention, and if applicable, exercise.

Advantages for you:

  • Convenience: Save time and mileage associated with packing up a pet and belongings to deliver him to a kennel.
  • No Imposition: No need to rely on friends and neighbors to take care of your pets.
    Home Security: Comfort of knowing your home is being watched over while you are away- a useful security measure.
  • Peace of Mind: Comfort of knowing your pet is being watched over in his/her home.
  • Free Additional Services: Availability of additional no-cost services like mail and newspaper retrieval, indoor plant watering and daily trash prep.